The CIS Devices and Deployments team designs and builds highly complex endpoint and device management solutions. Utilizing a platform from any leading manufacturer, including Microsoft SCCM, Novell ZENWorks, Symantec Altiris, and more, CIS layers customized solutions to enhance capability and deliver maximum value from the solution. Customized Universal Base Images and packaged applications can be created to streamline storage and distribution mechanism.

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Management of IT assets directly impacts end-user productivity and company profits. Enabling users to access critical applications and data from remote locations on the device of their choice has become the ideal operational paradigm, requiring the implementation of safeguards to protect efficiency and security.

Effective management of endpoint resources without the use of a centralized resource management console can be a daunting task for even the most savvy IT department. Traditional PC lifecycles have been upended by the introduction of tablets, smartphones, virtualization, and remote access. What was once a matter of managing one common device for one user has radically changed, today's typical user works in at least two locations on no less than 3 devices, some of which may not even be company property.

The Endpoint isn't where, let alone what, it used to be.

CIS' elite architects and engineers design and build systems to manage highly complex IT environments. Platforms to securely manage and maintain a diverse population of company and end-user assets are tailored to meet the security and technical requirements of the IT department, while delivering the functionality sought after by the line-of-business owner.

CIS' Endpoint solutions include:

  • Centralized Systems Management Platforms
  • Universal Base Images (Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, etc)
  • Application Packaging
  • Application Virtualization
  • Mobile Device Management / Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)
  • Desktop/Workstation Virtualization
  • Remote Access
  • Endpoint Security

The solutions created by CIS' Engineering team directly enable the success of a client's in-house IT resources. Through the creation of automated platforms and centralized management systems, IT can do a great deal to guarantee operational efficiency to end users across the organization. Remote users can rely on the fact that they will be able to access the data and critical systems they need, from the device of their choosing, while management can remain confident that vital company or client information is not open and accessible to the public. On and off premises systems can be managed and maintained in a far more expedient fashion, mitigating the risk of extended downtime for end-users in the event of a PC issue.

CIS designs and builds solutions that decrease risk, downtime, and complexity, while increasing efficiency, reliability, security, productivity, and profitability across the enterprise.