Identity Management - THE leading integrator of NetIQ Identity and Access Solutions and Cloud-Based Provisioning and Password solutions. CIS' architects and engineers are the guys you call when you want to need to rescue a failed project or fix what the other guys broke!

Systems Management -The CIS Devices and Deployments team designs and builds highly complex endpoint and device management solutions. Utilizing a platform from any leading manufacturer, including Microsoft SCCM, Novell ZENWorks, Symantec Altiris, and more, CIS layers customized solutions to enhance capability and deliver maximum value from the solution. Customized Universal Base Images and packaged applications can be create d to streamline storage and distribution mechanism.

Cloud and Collaboration - Organizations are rapidly moving critical applications and data to "the cloud" or a similarly distributed remote office model, making reliance on 3rd party systems increasingly integral to daily operations and overall company success. Proper planning, migration to, and configuration of, the chosen system are of paramount importance. If user accounts, access rights, and data are not properly migrated and configured it will have a disastrous impact system-wide.

Network and Data Security - Regardless of the chosen platform, the location of company data in relation to end-users, or any other factor deemed critical in today's ever-changing IT world, the one issue truly on the mind of everyone that works with or relies upon technology is security. Can users access the data that they need without exposing the organization to risk? Are all regulatory compliance goals being met? Is data sufficiently protected from known attack vectors and zero-day attacks? The challenges in IT Security are myriad and complex.

Server Virtualization - CIS provides Subject Matter Experts who design and implement virtual server platforms that will meet the needs and budget of any sized client. From distributed computing environments that rely on several hosts and very large Storage Area Networks, to simple solutions designed for the small and medium sized business, CIS helps clients realize the tremendous savings and simultaneous capabilities expansion provided by virtualization. CIS provides virtualization solutions utilizing technology from industry-leading manufacturing partners such as: Microsoft, VMWare, and Citrix

Messaging -CIS' team of experts has hands-on experience dealing with messaging platforms of all types dating back to the mid-80s. CIS currently provides Subject Matter Experts for all versions of messaging utilities and associated communication products. CIS' team designs and builds large-scale highly available email platforms and routinely performs complex migrations from one messaging system to another. CIS' expertise provides clients with the comfort of knowing the migration will not cause the loss of a single email or piece of data, and that end-users will be wholly satisfied with the new platform, if they even notice it at all. CIS provide messaging solutions utilizing technology from industry-leading manufacturing partners such as: Microsoft, Novell, Google, and IBM Lotus.

On-Call Service & Support - CIS was founded in 1995 as an on-call support organization. Throughout the firm's history, despite tremendous growth and a gradual shift to complex integrations, on-call support has always been at the heart of the company business model. A tremendous point of pride for CIS is the firm's client retention rate, which has been in excess of 90% in every year of the company's history. This is largely due to the success and dedication of the firm's on-call support team. CIS provides guaranteed response time and rapid escalation procedures to ensure that mission critical issues are responded to and remediated quickly and completely. The mandatory minimum experience for an engineer at CIS, prior to employment, is 10 years, allowing clients the assurance that a Subject Matter Expert is walking in the door every time CIS is called. CIS provides on-call service and support for all of the firm's partner technologies for End-Users as well as IT Staff, Professional Help Desk Services, Hardware and Printer Maintenance and Repair Services, both remotely and on-site, to clients of all sizes.

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity - CIS has provided nationally recognized Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity services to clients of all sizes for more than 16 years from the wholly owned and operated CIS Data Center. CIS provides hosting services for production or backup servers, co-location, backups, disaster recovery, and business continuity. The data center is a robust environmentally hardened facility with all of the accoutrements of a major "rack & pipe" provider, but none of the overhead, allowing CIS to provide a customized attentive DR/BC solution to clients of all sizes. CIS' Data Center utilizes backup and recovery technology from: ARCServe, Veeam, Symantec, Commvault, Dell, HP, and more.