SonicWall firewalls and managed services

SonicWall is CIS' vendor of choice for firewalls for all of the firm's managed services clients.

  CIS implements SonicWall devices throughout all of the accounts covered by the firm's service team because they are robust network security devices that feature easy-to-navigate programming.  This standard feature mitigates the need for complex command-line programming required by some competing products, and ensures that both a client's internal staff, or anyone from CIS' support team, can work on the firewall any time needed.  

CIS' team enables Sonicwall firewalls to include advanced features as client internal policies and compliance requirements dictate.  SonicWall devices include features such as Content Filtering, Anti-Spam, Anti-Malware, Intrusion Detection, and much more.  

CIS SonicWall Expertise includes: 

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