CIS understands that not all customers have the budget to spend on multiple in-house technology resources or on project-based consulting.  For these clients, CIS offers Managed Services programs, which help clients make technology as simple, flexible, and cost effective, while delivering the service levels every business demands.  CIS’ attitude “It’s all about the Client” is fully on display at the Managed Services and Remote Helpdesk operations center, where providing the BEST customer experience in the marketplace is our ultimate goal.

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CIS designs custom service programs, with set monthly fees, that can be tailored to fit an organization of any size, in any market, providing cost certainty while alleviating the pain of managing IT internally. From functionality to uptime to backups to monthly cost, CIS removes all uncertainty from IT, allowing business leaders to focus on their important day-to-day requirements.

CIS’ monthly Managed Services program features consultative advisory services from CIS’ stable of architects and engineers, ongoing remote helpdesk and on-call support services, quarterly forward-looking planning meetings, dedicated account management, and access to CIS’ entire roster of high-level engineers. CIS understands that all clients are different; programs can be tailored to support on-premises, cloud based, or hybrid environments, depending on each client’s business specific requirements and capabilities.

Technology evolves rapidly, emerging solutions can change the game seemingly overnight, providing more cost-effective and secure options than ever before, but there is inherent risk in dramatic change. CIS’ team of architects, engineers, and technicians provides unrivaled industry experience, helping clients design, build, secure, and run cost-effective reliable IT solutions. Working with CIS’ Managed Services program helps ensure that every IT dollar is spent wisely, and organizational risk is essentially eliminated.