At CIS, Identity and Access Governance is our passion. We understand the business needs, the organizational and external pressures and will architect solutions that meet those needs elegantly and reliably. Our national team of solutions specialists are world renowned integrators of NetIQ and other IAG technologies. Whether your needs include HR integration, roles based provisioning, regulatory compliance, governance automation, security event monitoring, federated single sign-on, custom developed drivers or a solution which cherry picks functionality from any or all of these disciplines, CIS makes it a success.

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It's simple. Enterprise IT organizations are getting larger and more complex. Each new technology requested by a business unit becomes one more system that needs to be managed and administered by the IT department, creating increasingly complex challenges to the management of access, authentication, and authorization. Delivering secure and compliant solutions across a variety of platforms is being further complicated by the widespread embrace of Software as a Service (SaaS) applications, for which IT does not maintain "ownership" of the system.

The traditional methods of access, authorization, and authentication have changed.

The CIS Identity Management (IDM) team offers unparalleled expertise in unifying user entitlements and access across disparate systems, while bolstering security through a variety of Identity and Access Management solutions for on and off premises applications.
CIS designs and builds Identity-based solutions for:

  • Automated user provisioning / de-provisioning
  • Roles Based Access Controls
  • Privileged User Management
  • Multi-Factor Authentication / Federation
  • Security Information Event Management
  • Single Sign-On
  • Self Service Password Control
  • Continuous Auditing & Compliance Control

CIS is considered a "thought leader" in the Identity and Access Management field, directly employing globally renowned architects and engineers who take a creative solution-based approach to client challenges. The CIS Identity team has designed and built some of the planet's most elegant solutions to Identity-based challenges, and has contributed significantly to the global Identity knowledge base through published materials.
Geoffrey Carman, one of CIS' Identity Management Architects, has been the leading contributor to NetIQ Cool Solutions for each of the past six years. Geoffrey has written more articles on Identity Management than any 5 resources combined. His first book, "A Definitive Guide to NetIQ Identity Tokens" is widely available for purchase. Geoffrey's collected online works can be found HERE.

The CIS Identity team has many designed and built many elegant solutions to complex identity challenges, read about them HERE.