Regional Federal Savings Bank - Secure WAN Design with Dedicated Metro Ethernet private line to secondary private line failover.

Profile: A regional Federal Savings Bank, with 8 locations in the New York Metro area, has utilized CIS for ongoing consultation and integration work for their Data Communications and Network Security needs for approximately 20 years.

Technical Challenge: After squeezing the maximum possible bandwidth from an aging circuit for several years, this client required a significant upgrade to their Wide Area Network topography, driven by strategic enhancements to critical data communication and network security devices. An added challenge was presented when the client requested automated ISP to ISP failover, in the event of a service provider outage.

Solution: CIS' team of Network Security subject matter experts performs a white-hat security analysis on a quarterly basis, from which a broad report is created using an actionable prioritized list of findings, as well as a detailed non-technical summary. CIS provides a unique deliverable by including not only findings, but analysis of why a finding is critical, and the necessary steps to eliminate the problem.

CIS architected and built a secure wide area network design across each of the client's 6 locations, replacing network devices in critical junctures with units carrying significantly higher throughput capabilities. Redundant replacement firewalls were built into the solution, as were segregated access points for local wireless traffic. CIS custom-designed a failover solution that would provide immediate automated connectivity to a backup ISP, in the event of a failure of the primary ISP.

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