Major Multi-Location Retailer - IP Telephony

Profile: This Italian international fashion retail organization is so finely attuned to the trends of the fashion world, that there is little time to worry about technology requirements, stuff just has to work. After eventually growing frustrated with a Plain Ol' Telephone System (PoTS) from a bygone time, CIS was contacted via our partnership with Shoretel, to revolutionize Unified Communication across all U.S. locations.

Technical Challenge: Provide a secure IP telephony solution with robust feature-sets for advanced modern calling and unified communication capabilities. Tight integration with CRM and messaging platforms.

Solution: CIS explored both an on-premises implementation and a cloud-based implementation, to determine the best approach to achieving this client's goals for unified communication. In the end, a cloud based solution was selected, for both the flexibility and ease of deployment to numerous remote locations, and for the centralized management capabilities. CIS has provided ongoing services, implementing the core solution at the domestic headquarters office, and local telephony drops at each retail location that existed at the time of the original agreement, and each subsequent new location that has launched.

Every CIS implementation for this client has included end-user facing training and handoff services; a critical aspect of CIS' vision of success is that clients can actually use the solution that was implemented after our handoff.

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