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“WannaCry” but Keep Calm & Don’t Panic…

May 15th, 2017

As you have no doubt read recently, we have an unprecedented global malware situation that has been directly impacting human lives around the world over the last few days.  As your trusted technology advisor, CIS will provide further information as more details become available.  Action must be taken as quickly as possible to protect exposed systems, we have given this maximum priority and are leveraging the entire CIS team to address all possible solutions in the most expedient manner possible.

An email to clients this morning included a screenshot of the National Health Service of the U.K.’s website’s posted outage message as one example of what has been taking place all over the world.  In this one case, a hospital’s non-emergency operations have been suspended and ambulances are being diverted as a result of the malware’s existence.  In other words, this cyber-incident can now be classified by some as “deadly.”  There are widespread examples of similar impacts to critical services from around the world, however they are currently of little consequence.  The most important thing to focus on is:  What happens now?

Immediate actions we recommend be taken include the following.  Be advised, while these items will help lessen risk they are NOT a guarantee that malware will not morph [change] into something else that will penetrate a network.

  •  Do not click on links, even though they appear legitimate.  Check to see where these links may take you.
  • Do not click on links sent via email, even if they are sent from friends.
  • Do not open attachments.
  • Deactivate all WI-FI equipment [tablets, cell phones, etc.] wherever possible.
  • Stay vigilant and propagate best practices to colleagues.

Please know that Computer Integrated Services is doing all we can to protect you.  We are enlisting all possible avenues to do our due diligence and keep you safe.  As information and mitigation procedures become available we will keep you informed.  At this point, nobody can state with 100% assurance, even with these best practices, that you will not be affected.

If you have any questions regarding this issue, please feel free to contact us.  We thank you for your business and your trust.