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CIS and BeyondTrust host webinar focused on IT Privilege Abuse in Higher Education

April 26th, 2017

Cyber Security Expert, and BeyondTrust Vice President of Technology, Office of the CTO, Morey Haber

I’m reaching out to invite you to a webinar that BeyondTrust and CIS are hosting for a small group of IT and security leaders at Mid-Atlantic colleges and universities: Preventing IT Privilege Abuse in Higher Education.”  Please pass on to your team members!!

Below is a presentation overview and login details, plus links to a couple relevant analyst reports. I hope you can make it! If so, please hit “accept” so we know to expect you.

The presentation will cover how PowerBroker Privileged Access Management (PAM) solutions from BeyondTrust can help you to:

  • Secure faculty, staff and student access to sensitive systems
  • Store, manage and rotate privileged passwords and SSH keys
  • Monitor privileged account usage and flag in-progress threats
  • Enforce least-privilege policies without killing productivity
  • Address FERPA, PCI, HIPAA and other mandates impacting higher Ed,

We’ll start with a short overview from Morey Haber, VP of Technology at BeyondTrust, followed by a quick demo of how our integrated password management and least privilege solutions work together to prevent data breaches.

In the meantime, check out these PAM reports from Gartner and Forrester:

Navigating the 23 NYCRR 500 Financial Regulations w/ CIS & BeyondTrust

March 10th, 2017

The New York State Department of Financial Services (DFS), has released legislation:  23 NYCRR 500 to combat the persistent threat posed to information and financial systems by nation-states and independent criminal actors.  This regulation is designed to:

  • Promote the protection of customer information
  • Promote the protection of information technology systems of regulated entities
  • Require each company to assess its specific risk profile
  • Require each company to design a program that addresses its risks in a robust fashion
  • Require annual certification confirming compliance with these regulations by senior management

CIS and BeyondTrust have been monitoring the requirements of this new legislation, and recommend that anyone in the financial industry read the attachment below as a first-step in implementing a plan.

To discuss further, please contact a CIS rep at: or 212-577-6033

NY State Financial Cyber Security Requirements

CIS Quarterly Network Security Bulletin

March 8th, 2017

Welcome to the first of our planned Quarterly Security Bulletins, prepared by CIS’ Chief Information Officer, Anthony Fama.  The purpose of these bulletins is to help strengthen IT Security awareness within our client base.  CIS strives to provide our clients with the critical information they need, in an actionable format, to support the decision making process, and ensure stability, efficiency, and security of client environments.  For further information, please contact your Account Manager or the CIS Service Desk.  Click the link below to access the full bulletin.

CIS Quarterly Security Bulletin – Q12017 (opens separate PDF)

Strategic Partnership with CIS enhances the BeyondTrust partner program and helps organizations mitigate threats involving privileged access.

March 2nd, 2017

PHOENIX, March 1, 2017 – BeyondTrust, the leading cyber security company dedicated to preventing privilege misuse and stopping unauthorized access, today announced a new partnership with Computer Integrated Services (CIS), aimed to help more customers prevent privilege misuse and stop unauthorized access. As the BeyondTrust partner with the top-tier organization with a proven track record of successful joint identity and access management (IAM) and privileged access management (PAM) deployments, customers can trust CIS to accelerate deployment results, speed time to value, reduce ongoing costs and improve efficiencies.

BeyondTrust Adds CIS to Portfolio of Trusted Identity and Access Management Partners

LIVE Webinar: Klein School Dist. Cuts Costs w/ IAM

February 27th, 2017

After calculating that the school district spent US$525,000 per year for staff to manage individual accounts, the IT team began to seek a centralized identity and access management solution that would automate and maintain the lifecycle management of all user accounts.

This joint webinar on March 7th will feature the following:

  • Brief presentation from Chris Cummings, Director of Information Technology at Klein
  • Insight into how Klein overcame major identity and access management issues
  • Q&A session between CIS and Mr. Cummings overviewing the implementation of the solution

Register now for the Klein School District Cuts Costs With IAM Service webinar.

Date:  March 7th, 2017;  Time:  1pm EST


Following a Resource Grant in the RRSD Driver pt 6

February 17th, 2017

This weeks article at NetIQ’s Cool Solutions site is:

A sixth article in a series that follows the events in the trace files to help understand how the Roles and Resource model works under the covers. This is part of the product that is entirely undocumented.  This particular article is looking at events related to Resource associations.

The entire series can be found here:

If you have ever wondered what happens in the IDM engine when you use the Roles model, take a read, you might be informed.

CIS’ Geoffrey Carman Releases his second Book On Identity and Access Governance

February 10th, 2017

CIS is delighted to announce the publication of Geoffrey Carman’s second book, which can be found for purchase here.  Geoffrey is one of the most well regarded and widely read minds in the field of Identity and Access Governance.  His first book, “Definitive Guide to IDM Tokens,” published in 2014, remains the authoritative work on the subject.  For this next effort, Geoffrey focused on creating something he felt was lacking, a manual for IDM Validator, hence the book’s name “IDM Validator:  The Missing Manual.”  The work delves into covers testing methodologies and reviews all actions in Validator with highlighted examples; it is sure to be a fixture in the technical library of anyone working with Validator for years to come.


Click here to learn more about CIS’ Identity team and their capabilities.

CIS Scheduled for IT Security/Compliance Presentation to Midtown Regulatory Group

February 3rd, 2017

CIS is pleased to announce that Alex Errico, a Senior Sales Executive who has been with the firm for 3.5 years, will be giving his second presentation on IT Security and Compliance to the Midtown Regulatory Group (MTRG).  The MTRG is a group of over 800 senior compliance and legal officers and lawyers from brokerage firms located throughout the United States that meet monthly to discuss regulatory issues.  Following a very successful introductory discussion and subsequent presentation to the collected group in 2016, Alex was invited back to present to MTRG on April 5th, 2017.  Alex will cover current and emerging trends in the world of IT Security, and will review the numerous ways in which CIS helps clients meet and maintain compliance.

Click for more information on CIS’ Network Security and Data Communications offerings

Click for more information on CIS’ Identity and Access Solutions

CIS and Micro Focus to Host Exclusive Identity and Access Governance Dinners in 3 Cities

February 1st, 2017

CIS and Micro Focus are pleased to announce a series of exclusive informational dinners being held in Houston, Toronto, and New York City at high-end restaurants across three dates in February.  A guest speaker, the IDM Director from NASDAQ, will present his recent use-case wherein the ability to demonstrate adequate control over access to regulated information for internal and external audits was required, and how these capabilities were gained utilizing Micro Focus security tools implemented by CIS world renowned subject matter experts. We will enjoy dinner, drinks, conversation, and hear some valuable information about a critical subject that is surely on everyone’s radar in 2017.

Seating for the events is currently on an invitation only basis, please contact CIS to express interest, we will do everything possible to accommodate anyone who would like to attend, but please understand that space is limited.

CIS engineers and executives head to Orlando for ShortelOne Global Partner Conference (12/6 – 12/8)

January 11th, 2017

As a Shoretel’s go-to partner organization for the New York Metro Region, CIS has been invited to attend the Shortel One Global Partner Conference in Orlando. The event will focus on the tremendous successes of Shoretel in both on-premises and cloud-based IP Telephony implementations, as well as highlighting new technology on the horizon.